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150 tons of construction waste disposal production

The fixed construction waste treatment production line with an output of 150 tons per hour is suitable for construction waste treatment plants with sites. Users who adopt the fixed construction waste production line are generally prepared for long-term production and operation. Features.

After sorting, crushing and sieving construction waste into 5-40mm coarse aggregate and 0-5mm fine aggregate, it can replace natural aggregate to prepare concrete, building bricks and road base materials. The comprehensive utilization rate of construction waste resources of each construction waste production line is more than 98%. The processed construction waste becomes a new type of environmentally friendly building materials, which can effectively achieve environmental protection, no pollution, and zero emissions of demolition projects. The total amount of construction waste is large and the distribution is scattered. With the continuous development of China's urbanization, a large number of infrastructure constructions have been rapidly developed, resulting in the demolition, reconstruction and expansion of surrounding buildings, resulting in a large amount of construction waste.

As a manufacturer of construction waste treatment production line, Dongmeng Luqiao is also closely following the national policy planning, integrating energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection into the research and development of treatment production line. For the treasure, the utilization of construction waste is realized. The value of construction waste itself has not been used reasonably. The crawler mobile station of Dongmeng Luqiao Company is a more advanced equipment in the country, which can easily crush construction waste when there is no large production area.