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800-1000 tons limestone production line

The price of sand and gravel has soared. From 70-90 yuan/ton in some areas to 120-140 yuan/ton today, the number of large and small enterprises producing sand and gravel industry in the country has exceeded 13,000. Tons, when the production of dozens of tons, the business is in full swing.

The system is suitable for limestone (dolomite) aggregates with a production capacity of 800-1000t / h. The technological process is a vibrating feeder-jaw crusher-impact crusher-vibrating screen-sand washing machine.



800-1000PTH limestone / dolomite aggregate production line from the earliest import to independent research and development production, the development is very rapid. Sand and gravel equipment manufacturing technology at any time of transparency, production of complete sets of gravel production equipment manufacturers have gradually increased. With the development of science and technology, new gravel production line in the user's attention thrive, sand making machine production technology improvement is beyond doubt. Sand making machine structure from the traditional complex low efficiency, simple structure, production efficiency significantly, each part of the role are different.


jaw crusher + impact crusher


800-1000 tons limestone production line advantage:

Efficiency: system equipment broken than large, high production efficiency, the system finished high yield, a high rate of sand;
Comprehensive capacity: finished grain size distribution uniform, good grain size, to meet the construction industry for a variety of areas of aggregate requirements.

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